Hear what people are saying:
Mr. Osso,
Our daughter Emma truly enjoyed taking Behind the Wheel with you.  On our way home last
night, after receiving her driver's license, she said how helpful your instruction was to her.  
She feels that she will be a much better driver after taking your class. Thank you for making
Emma feel comfortable and for being a fabulous teacher!
Lynn Giambalvo

All four of our girls took behind the wheel with Pick Osso Driving school.  They have had Mr.
Osso and Mrs. Eastlake most recently in Jan and June of 2015.  The girls thought they were
excellent instructors and very patient. I would highly recommend this driving school.  It was a
great experience!
Laura Powell

This is the second time we have used Pick Osso for Behind the Wheel with our kids. Mr.
Osso's professionalism and upfront honesty keep us coming back. The kids say that he has
a great sense of humor and I trust him with my most precious cargo.  We'll be back in another
couple of years with our next young driver!
Cindy Horne
June 2015

Mr. Osso,
Just wanted to say thank you for your flexibility in times to teach Amy.
She really liked her instructors and happy she passed her test.
I will continue to recommend your company for Driving School.
Thank you for teaching our four girls !
Laura Powell

I had a really good time driving with Mr. Morin and this company! They made me feel
comfortable while driving and they taught me several new things!
Meghan Majercin
June 2015

My daughter, Rachel Seay, took btw March/2015. She was nervous at the start, but her
instructor, Miss Williams, made her feel at ease and she looked forward to it the whole week.
So now both my kids have gone through Pick Osso and I would recommend them to anyone.
Thank you,
Debbie Seay
On June 5th 2015

I drove with Mrs. Dietz  It was a really fun experience and Mrs. Dietz was very fun and
Sara D'Addio
April 2015

From the moment I met Vinnie Osso, I thought that my son's driving school experience was
going to be a good one. On the day of his first lesson, my son's nervousness was over the
top. My thoughts were confirmed when he returned from his first day of driving with a huge
smile on his face and numerous stories to tell of Mr. Osso's teaching techniques. Mr. Osso
uses a great blend of humor and wit to steer the student in the right direction without taking
away self confidence. When setting up times for classes, the student's schedule is
considered and every effort is made for convenient times and places to meet. I can, without
the slightest hesitancy, recommend Pick Osso as a great driving school for anyone.

Karen Rees
On Feb 23, 2013

Mr. Osso,
I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much improvement I have seen in Melissa's
driving since she took your class. You are a blessing for us parents.
May The Lord continue to be with you!
Charlotte Orthman
Feb 28, 2013

Personable, knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy are words I use to describe Vinnie
Osso.  If he had been offering behind-the-wheel when my sons were preparing to get their
license, I would have definitely chosen Pickosso Driving School!   

Joe Rodkey
Former Principal
Massaponax High School

I recently took behind the wheel with another company. The experience was awful, so I got my
money back and started Pick Osso Driving School. Pick Osso was attentive and reliable. It
was also a fun experience that was filled with laughter, learning, and structure. Each day we
learned a new lesson or technique. Some examples of things that we learned were back road
driving, I-95 driving, Push- Pull- Slide, how to properly drive through an intersection, and
parallel parking. I received my license from Pick Osso, and I still use all the techniques I have
learned. The price for Behind the Wheel was also very reasonable.  I was a student in school
of both Mr. Osso and Mr. Seaman, so learning from them was a breeze. They are both
amazing people to work with, and I would definitely recommend Pick Osso driving school.

Alexis Clatterbuck
Massaponax High School

Osso is the the best! He is so funny and he makes mistakes into jokes, keeping situations
light! I learned so much in the week I had him! I recommend him!
Jordan Sherald

March 19, 2012
Vinny Osso... A Big ALOHA thank you for teaching our daughter great driving skills! Your
driving instruction is TOP-Notch!! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone!!!! Thank you
again for giving our daughter the confidence and skills needed in becoming a safe driver!!!
The Tilo Family

My daughter attended Pick Osso driving school in the Spring of 09.  Mr Osso is a stern
instructor that gets his point across, while at the same time making it enjoyable for the
students.  He allows them to have fun while maintaining their focus on why they are there.  
What I really like about Pick Osso school is he doesn't just pass a student to get them out of
the way.  If he feel the student isn't quite ready for the road, he will inform the parent regarding
what needs to be worked on.  I would rather be safe than sorry!
Thanks Mr Osso - you are O-So Special
Iris M. Shambleox >>

My two oldest teenagers have taken "Behind the Wheel" training with Pick Osso.  Mr. Osso  
develops a great relationship with teens while instructing them on the proper driving skills.   
As a parent, I was confident that Mr. Osso would make sure they were prepared to drive
independently.  I highly recommend Pick Osso Driving School!
Angela Pomeroy

As a local law enforcement officer in Spotsylvania County I would like to commend Mr. Osso
for a well done job. My daughter attended PickOsso Driving School and I was amazed with the
time and effort he put forth to teach her. Not only did he teach the principals of driving but the
laws of driving as well. He not only taught them the fundamentals of driving, but encouraged
them to be an aware driver. Mr. Osso made it not only easy for the student driver, but for the
busy parent as well. He would pick her up at school and after her lesson made it very easy on
us by making arrangements for us to pick her up afterwards. After each day of driving my
daughter would come back and tell me how fun it was to have someone like Mr. Osso
teaching her. upon the completion of the class Mr. Osso also made it a point to speak with us,
the parents, to let us know how our daughter did with the driving class. I would recommend
PickOsso driving school to anyone needing a driving class
Greg Carter

Both of our sons took Mr. Osso's driving class, and both enjoyed it. His style is straight-on,
common sense instruction, peppered with humor and subtle sarcasm - that the kids love and
feel comfortable with! He did everything he could to make the times and dates conducive to
their schedules, as well. I highly recommend Pick Osso Driving School - the instruction is
good and the one-liners are priceless : ) Our boys STILL tell Osso stories . . . . .

October 15, 2009 by Ellie Mae in Fredericksburg, VA

Pick Osso!
Mr. Osso was definitly a great driving teacher. I was very nervous the first day of behing the
wheel because I didn't want to make any mistakes and not be able to get my license, he
makes it realxing and fun all the while teaching you the skills you need to be behind the wheel
on your own. Definitly would not go with anyone else!

September 14, 2009 by Stephanie Durand in Fredericksburg, VA

To Be Trusted!

September 02, 2009 by Vanessa Hosey in Spotsylvania, VT

Pick Osso Driving School 5
Osso comes across as gruff, but don't let first impressions fool you! His manner and
technique is definitely in his favor. I have personally seen a great improvement in my
daughters driving skills and in her confidence as a defensive driver, paying closer attention to
other drivers and road hazards she would have never noticed before. Overall, Mr. Osso was
wonderful, he offered a relaxed atmosphere where my daughter learned valuable knowledge,
AND she also enjoyed the Osso behind the wheel experience!

by lc

This was a great driving school. I learned great techniques, that I still use. Mr. Osso makes
you feel comfortable while learning how to drive in many ways. He thoroughly explains
situations, stays cool and calm, and he is easy to relate too. I feel like if i had gone to a
different driving school I would have never learned as much as i did.

A great experience
by Paula Oehm

My daughter took her behind-the-wheel lessons from Pick Osso this summer. She gained
more confidence in her driving abilities. You could see the difference right away. Mr. Osso
was flexible to get my daughter's time in to accomodate her leaving for a two week trip. Since
then, we have recommended several of her friends and they too have had positive
experiences with Pick Osso.

Thomas Holland

My daughter took her behind-the-wheel from Pick Osso and her skill and confidence with
driving increased dramatically. Pick Osso was always on time and a lesson was never
missed. She had her lessons in the mornings before school. I would take her to a nearby
business where she would join another driving student with Mr. Osso. Each school day at the
end of her lesson she would drive to the school.

Highly recommended.

I really enjoyed getting my driving lessons from Mr Osso. He taught us the right things and
explained things very well. It was also fun because we always joked around, and I didn't get
nervous at all while driving. He made things very easy to understand, I'd definitely recommend
taking him as you’re behind the wheel instructor.

Natalie Maten
Courtland High School