Services We Provide
Behind the Wheel Instruction
Pick Osso Driving School offers a seven day behind the
wheel instruction course.  We have Nine Certified Driving
Instructors to provide top of the line instruction.

The First 5 Program
We will take your child out for their 1st 5 hours of driving. Please call and
inquire about the details. Program is for students UNDER 19)

On-Line Classroom Course (Driver Education requirement)
We are now offering an on-line Driver's Education Course.
Click on the link below and follow the step by step instructions to sign up.

Re-Certification (driver training for three exam failures)
Upon completion of our course, you will be issued a certification to take to    
the DMV.

Adult driver training
Our Adult driver training program is here to provide new
drivers the skills they need no matter their age.  We teach
adults the basic defensive driving skills to become a confident and safe

Modern and Safe vehicles
Our fleet of vehicles are all maintained and serviced         
regularly. We provide instruction in one of our five
Toyota Corolla's. We take pride in our cars being safe,
clean, and easy to operate for our students.

Friendly and experienced team of Driving Instructors
Pick Osso Driving School employs nine experienced and
certified driver training instructors.  Each one of our         
instructors not only instruct for Pick Osso but all are
Certified Virginia Public School Teachers.  Teaching
young people is their career, whether it is in the classroom
or in the car.